• "The Master…simply reminds people who they have always been." 
  • Lao-Tzu


Beam of Light

Have you ever noticed how much easier it is to complete a task when you have the right tool?  Chopping veggies with a sharp knife, cleaning up dirt with a hoover, having a torch to find your way in the dark... It makes a big difference!

This is what Insideout Life Programmes provide.  We’re not saying ours is the only way to live a healthy, balanced life.  Of course not!  There’s a myriad of ways to come into balance.  What we believe is that from our experience, by living, breathing and teaching these practical techniques, is that our tools are sharp and perfect for the job!

What is even more astounding, even for us, is that our tool kit is transferable.  No matter what your age, gender, mental or physical ability, religious belief or background; Insideout Life Programmes work for one and all.  How is that possible?  It just is!  The further afield we work, the more evidence returns demonstrating the full accessibility and profound helpfulness of our tools.  Men serving life, nervous infant school children, pressured teachers and Head teachers, children and young people with learning disabilities, teens stressed out from peer pressure and exam nerves – everyone can benefit from diving inside to discover the boundless presence of peace, calm, wisdom, inspiration and profound understanding that awaits inside.

People Holding Hands-Togetherness

Welcome to the world within.  Take a look from a fresh new perspective.  We turn everything insideout, giving you, your school, your staff, your community group, the opportunity to live life to the full, embracing choice, change and challenge with strength and certainty.

Where can Insideout Life help you find perfect balance?  We have the tools!  Are you ready to pick them up and experience them for yourself?  Embrace our vision of a world where life is lived from the insideout!

Insideout Life – Making a difference in your life…. 

Insideout Life

The Stress Management Society defines stress as “a situation where demands on a person exceed that person’s resources or ability to cope.”

Insideout Life provides unique training to resource you from the inside out. We use Mindful Awareness techniques, deep relaxation, body-work, meditation, creative visualisation and self inquiry as our core tools to guide you back into balance; internally resourcing you, so that you are empowered to take charge of your life and respond healthily to any situation you face.

"Power comes from inner strength. Inner strength does not come from raw power. In this, most of the world has it backwards."  Neil Donald Walsch.

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