"We shape clay into a pot, but it is the emptiness inside that holds whatever we want."  Lao-Tzu

We shape clay into a pot

We have a dream….

One day our education system will focus on the whole child.  Decision makers will see their learners with fresh eyes.  They will understand that children learn best when they are relaxed, trust themselves and their teachers; connect with their natural wisdom and feel secure in themselves and safe in their environment.

Girl with Magnifying GlassInsideout provide practical tools to access a child’s inner resources.  We guide them to reveal their greatness.  We unlock a deeper understanding of themselves and refresh their perspective on life, helping them to see differently.  These self empowering skills provide the spring board for self discovery, self reliance, confidence and compassion, not only for themselves but for their peers, their teachers, their parents and their circumstances.

In a world where there is constant stimulus, incessant noise, mounting pressures (even for infant age) and where silence is seen as a punishment or form of control; we invite young people to discover the power of silence; the innate intelligence of their body wisdom, how their imagination is a powerful resource, rather than a hinderance to success.  We guide them to a place of peace, where self destructive thoughts and feelings of 'not good enough' fade away. 

Insideout creates a space for a new way of being, learning and achieving their potential.  No matter what their age, ability or back ground, these techniques can shift a child from a “loser” mentality to a happy, confident and optimistic young person.  They realise they can take good care of themselves, can develop the skills to do so; that they are beautiful inside and that they naturally uncover a “can do!” attitude.

SchoolThe techniques we teach are clear, simple and easy to learn.  With regular practise and with support from a whole school approach, children not only enjoy the learning experience, they are positively empowered to embrace the challenges they face in every day life.  They meet choice, change and challenge with inner strength and flexibility.  They give themselves permission to ask for help when they need to and begin to understand the “gift” in their situation even if it feels uncomfortable. 

What if your students could get themselves in a Right State for Learning?  What if they were calm, respectful, willing and kind?  What if teachers and senior leaders of the school were also leaders in emotional health & wellbeing?  What if they led the way to healthy teaching & learning relationships, where threats of punishment were replaced with deeper understanding, respectful listening and patient positive solution collaboration

Happy Kids At School

Insideout can continue building upon the foundations already in provided by your PSHE & Pastoral programmes.  We are not a “bolt on” – we are a complimentary provision that is easily incorporated into the whole curriculum.  Our Mindful techniques are transferable into many school life situations.  We support TRANSITION, REVISION & EXAM STRESS MANANGEMENT, CONFIDENCE BUILDING, TEAM BUILDING and BEHAVIOUR MANAGEMENT.  We enhance the Healthy Schools agenda and Feeling Good Initiatives.

We recommend a whole school approach for both Primary & Secondary schools, so that a new wellbeing vocabulary can feed into all areas of school life; in the classroom, in the playground and at home.  We have a profound effect when the whole school embrace the work, so always recommend teacher training prior to, or alongside whole school training.  We appreciate this is not necessarily easy to accommodate, so provide one, two or three day year group sessions (depending on the size of the group) for key stages, such as Year 2 & Year 6 Transition and Year 10,11 & 12 Study Skills for Stress Free Exams training.  As each school ethos is unique, so is our provision.  Whilst the core techniques remain the same, we tailor the programme to your timetable and to each student group specific needs.  Teaching is, we believe, one of the most stressful vocations.  As experienced teachers ourselves, we understand the daily pressures presented to you and provide an empathetic and empowering INSET to support NQTs and expert teachers alike.  As emotional Health and Wellbeing is a higher priority for the government and Senior Leadership teams, Insideout can help “tick the boxes” and open doors to a new way of teaching and learning.  To discuss how Insideout can help your school and/or work with a group with specific needs call the office and speak to one of the team.

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